• Catit

    Haute Cuisine
  • Breathing new life to a century old villa once used as the city’s first hotel, Catit augments the French-inspired cuisine that is so popular in Tel Aviv with touches of molecular gastronomy, providing for a culinary experience that is both novel and gratifying. Catit owner and chef Meir Adoni is widely considered as an active factor in this golden generation of Israeli cuisine, having sharpened a homegrown skill-set in kitchens throughout the world. Launching the first incarnation of the restaurant at his hometown of Kfar Rut, overwhelming positive feedback and press coverage led Adoni to find a new setting for Catit in the outskirts of the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, allowing for both Hedonistic locals and tourists to enjoy the restaurant’s unique offerings.

    The Experience at Catit begins at the door, which leads to a foyer lined on one side by the bar, and reveals several entrances to separate dining rooms. Tiles illustrated with the North Star, and exhaustive molding of the eclectic style harken back to the dream-filled early decades of Tel Aviv. Little else is added, in order to shift all focus onto the dining experience itself.

    The meals are aesthetically pleasing amalgamations that include various mousses and gels – a trademark of the Molecular gastronomic style. The breadth of flavors will challenge your palette; yet prove to be an enjoyable reward. Don’t walk away without trying out Adama, the dessert whose name translates to land. It is a masterpiece of freeze-dried chocolate, truffles, cardamom, and an array of other ingredients constructed into a miniature landscape. For the foodie traveler, Catit should be added to the list as both restaurant and attraction.
    • Food: 9, Service: 9, Atmosphere: 7
    • USD 90
    • 4 Heichal Hatalmud Street
    • +972 3 510 7001
    • Open: daily, noon-3pm, 7-11pm
    • www.catit.co.il

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