• Rokach 73

  • Off to the Northern edge of the city, behind a tennis club surrounded by the greenery of Hayarkon Park, Rokach 73 presents Provencal-inspired fare in a quiet, pastoral setting. Removed from the bustling city center, chef Eyal Lavi sought a location that would complement a culinary style derived from the villages and beachfront hamlets of Southern France. Accordingly, the aromas of anis, saffron, and cumin emanating from the kitchen and nearby tables will accompany the walk to your seats.

    The décor for Rokach 73 is quite neutral, according the air of a country club rather than a village bistro. Faded carpets provide a break from the white parquet floor, while various bottles of wine from the chef’s collection are displayed in dark brown shelves throughout the main dining hall. Allow for the bartender to start you off with a pastis, or a signature cocktail, such a s the Campari Dream: Campari, grapefruit vodka, passion fruit monin, with a couple of absinthe drops, a scoop of passion fruit sorbet, and a sprig of mint, all in a high-ball glass.

    While the menu is seasonal, the overall Provencal influence remains dominant. Chef Eyal Lavi began his culinary journey in Italy, but left all in search of the perfect Bouillabaisse. Upon discovering the recipe at a home-based restaurant not far from Marseilles, he returned to Tel Aviv with a centerpiece for his new menu. The signature dish stand out in the middle of the wide menu-leaf, and is well worth trying out. If you find your way out to the Northern edge of Tel Aviv, Rokach 73 is an optimal choice for a culinary escape.
    • Food: 8, Service: 9, Atmosphere: 8
    • USD 75

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