• Hummus Abu Dhabi

  • In the past few years, hummus has gained recognition around the globe as a healthy, tasty dish, finding its way to nearly every supermarket and health food venue. Yet in Tel Aviv, hummus finds its proper place as the king of fast-food meals, rarely relegated to the lowly supporting role as a spread or dip. Hummus fans in this region are serious, to the point of international copyright infringement suits and world record battles.

    While there are several venues serving the mouth-watering chickpea delicacy that are mentioned in this guide, Hummus Abu Dhabi offers an intangible unmatched by the rest: a reggae-influenced atmosphere that sets both your mind and stomach in the perfect mood for hummus heaven. Reggae music and lifestyle are firmly rooted in Tel Aviv culture, and so this clash of seemingly dissonant culture fits in quite well within the collective mindset of the White City.

    You’ll recognize the site by the yellow, red and green flag flying above the veranda, trembling with the bass heavy sounds of dub reggae. The hummus is great, and seconds are offered on the house for those willing to risk the unavoidable lethargy of ‘hummus gut.’ But don’t worry- the complimentary Turkish coffee should help you ease out of that chair.
    • King George 81
    • 03 525 9090
    • Open: 11am-11.30pm Sun-Thurs; 10am-5pm Fri; 11am-11.30pm Sat

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